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Material Flow

The Material part of your life is the foundation of your life. Our world and our existence within it is dependant on Matter, Energy, Space and Time.
It's not possible to make progress on any level without having a solid Material foundation. Eg. If you don't have the material means to buy food and shelter, every aspect of your life is going to be a challenge.

Over the last 10 years, I've been assisting practitioners and clients with their material needs. Clarifying complex life situations and identifying different ways to get the Material to flow more in the right direction (and reduce leakage).

You and your life situation are unique. If you'd like to make lasting progress with your relationship to the Material there's no quick fix, but I do invite you to start a journey of learning and building habits that will help you grow this area of your life.

Initial session

This session is to enable me to understand your current situation in depth. We are going cover your financial situation and any other aspect of your life that may be influencing your relationship to money, work, material possessions, receiving and giving... 

(please fill in the contact form below to get started).

Cost: £ 90


Your Plan

After the first sessions, I'll go away and create a plan specifically tailored to your life interests, priorities, family, work, capacities... etc...
The idea is small and regular steps... although sometimes, a small step can bring about a massive change.

Cost:   Each situation is unique, so I'll provide you with a quote for you to consider


Follow Up

Here we'll look at how the changes in your life are taking shape. Your changing habits in your unique environment will probably bring to the surface new aspects that need to be managed and included in your focus.

Cost: £ 60

Crypto Currency Service

Scattered Coins

NB:  I'm not a financial advisor and this service is in no way financial advice !!!

It's not possible here on this page to go into any depth. The only thing I will say is that crypto is going to disrupt every aspect of modern life in the next 10 years. It may be seen by some as a way to speculate and make obscene gains without creating any value, and even though that may be true for some... crypto is a game-changer on many levels. Just like the internet changed the way the world operates, crypto is going to transform the world even more than we can imagine.


It's wise to be an Earlybird in this revolution.

I've been involved with cryptocurrency for nearly 10 years. It started as a curiosity and has now become a subject I study and teach.

In some situations, I may be able to offer specific assistance. Please ask for an "Initial Session" so we can explore your situation and your needs.


If from this initial session I determine that we can work together, I'll provide you with a quote for you to consider.

If on the other hand, it seems that my skills/experience are not suitable for your situation and/or your needs, I'll try, if I can, to refer you to someone that is better suited.

Thank you for your understanding.

NB: Over the years I've helped a number of friends and clients go from no savings to wealth they hadn't even dreamed of. Some going into 8 & 9 figures in equivalent fiat savings. However, this has not always brought about more happiness in their lives. In some cases, this has made their lives complicated and much more stressful. It's best to plan and get advice on this journey. The Material flow is a powerful and tricky beast to tame (I don't say this lightly!!!)

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